Useful books for photographers

Books which REALLY helped me grow my business - recommended for photographers.

Time is precious, we all know that very well. I love being productive and squeeze every drop from my time. I am listening audiobooks when I am editing photos, during housework and on dog walks. Long journeys in the car are also not feeling like waste of time. I will show every book I have listened to – business and leisure. I will give my scoring from 1-5 (five being a must have!) and yes I have audiobooked them all. You can sign up for 30 days trials and get your first book free. You download straight to your phone, it is easy and I can not imagine life without it.  

Business related:

“The Pumpkin Plan” This is my truly no 1 of all business books. It helped me to understand that not everyone is my client and how to “grow your precious pumpkin-business”. It also has lots of humor, which is always a bonus! 5/5 

“Start with why” Whenever you are just starting out (even better!) or trying to improve  – this book will help you looking very differently at your business. Lots of memorable examples. 5/5 

“The magic of thinking big” It will open your eyes to new avenues and possibilities. Thought provoking. 4/5

“Build a brand in 30 days ” Super book which explain very well what branding is. Before that Ithought branding=logo. After I listened it – it truly opened my eyes how much is involved in branding. Great book 5/5

“Oversubscribed” Imagine creating huge demand for your services, people trying desperatly booked in with you. This book explains how human brain works and how to grow your business with VIP-high demand model. Very interested real and you can find real example in today’s world. 4/5

Content of this audiobook is truly fascinating. It helps to understand human behaviour- why do we have road rage? How to think logically . The only drawback of this audiobook is listening experience. It seems repetitive and robotic.  3.5/5

Good psychological read, full of useful (IPS) techniques. 4/5

Try AUDIBLE for yourself. Your first audiobook is free, nothing to loose.

(this list to be updated)

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