Lavender Fields Lordington photography

Lavender Field photo sessions . You can experience a field of purple in Lordington near Chichester ( Lordington Farm, Chichester PO18 9DX). Farm is open to the public only one week during the year.  You can smell lavender everywhere, see bees working hard. It is truly magical experience. 

lavender photography Portsmouth
lavender photo shoots Chichester

Milly and Miles "got engaged" with haribo sweet ring!

Lordington Chichester

"If your dilly, dilly heart Feels a dilly, dilly way And if you answer, yes In a pretty little church On a dilly, dilly day You'll be wed in a dilly, dilly dress"

Lavender fields Lordington
lavender Chichester

Behind the scenes: these are images which will show you what the field looked like, before I edited people out of it. 


If you would like to experience lavender magic in 2018 please get in touch via contact page.

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  1. Magda

    Absolutie przecudne te zdjęcia i kolory <3

    1. Admin

      dziekuje, to magiczne miejsce 🙂

    1. Admin

      to jest jak najbardziej prawdziwe miejsce

  2. Aleksandra Załęska

    Śliczne, banków zdjęcia. Po prostu cudo?

    1. Admin

      dziekuje serdecznie za mile slowa!

  3. p

    Przepiękne zdjęcia……..czuć w nich jakąś magię

    1. Admin

      Magia jest na tych polach napewno! dziekuje pieknie!

    1. Admin

      Thank you, LOVE Lavender!

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