Second Shooter – do you need one?

Having a second shooter at your wedding can be invaluable addition. Here I have listed few key reasons why you might need one:


Groom’s preparations

One photographer simply can not be in two places at the same time. Second shooter gives you luxury to document preparations of both- brides & groom’s. In my opinion they are both important.

groom getting ready

Number of Guests

I have photographed weddings of different number of people. From four to two hundred and fifty. If you have more then one hundred people it might be a good idea to have a second shooter. Second photographer will also be able to capture more guests in more casual shots.

Southdowns Manor wedding photographer


Different perspective of the very same moment.

Southdowns Manor wedding

Group Shots

Formal set ups are running much smoother, two photographers can divide their work – organizing and photographing together as a team.

Smooth Ceremony

Having two photographers in different areas there will be much less moving around, less interruptions.

Southdowns Manor gazebo

Groom’s First Look at Bride (my favorite reason!)

Bride is walking down the isle – this is the first time they see each other in their immaculate wedding attire. It is very special moment, much easier achieved with two photographers working together.

Southdowns Manor gazeboSouthdowns Manor gazebo outdoor

I do offer second photographer service as an extra addition.

Please contact me to find out more.


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