Authentic relaxed in home photo session Portsmouth

home photo session Portsmouth

My favorite moment from this Family Story session was when Charlie picked his favorite book- "Guess how much I love you". I asked him - why is that your favorite from all the books? he went a little bit quiet, shy and said to me with warm smile:"Because I love my mum and dad very much".

Two brothers- 6 year old Charlie and 3 year old Joe and two very different personalities. 

Both loved playing with lego, stickle bricks, baloons, bubble and  making magic.

They like to pretend to be superheroes and mum & dad are the baddies – chasing them!

They were a little bit shy to start off with  but very quickly warmed up as it was just one big playtime.

Charlie is incredibly caring and kind natured. He really looks after his little brother. Joe worships his big brother and is a cheeky chappy with a lovely giggle and just makes everybody laugh. 

During the session children had few different activities- racing on mini bikes, jumping on bed, making magic and playing superheroes, book reading and cuddles. Joe had a little moment where he needed a quiet moment, he had a little cuddle . After about 10 minutes he was back in high energy. Kids being at their own home is hugely comforting, they can pause, have a little break. If we were at the studio with blank backdrop it would be very difficult to keep them interested and happy.

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