Volunteer for Remember My Baby charity

Feeling honored to be a part of this amazing charity. It took me a year to decide, but now I am ready.

Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth started working with our charity from 1 October 2015.

Why have I decided to become a volunteer? I really wanted to give something back to community, to parents who are in this devastating time. I was worried if I will cope, I didn’t want to make any mistakes and cause any more upset to family. It was not necessary to worry. Once I get into my work mode and try to do the best possible photographs for this family – something that will bring some comfort in days, months, years time. Having photography skills I thought – how can I not do it? Volunteering gives amazing feeling of being useful, doing¬† something positive that has an impact on others. It also makes me thing and feel stronger about my own family.

To read more about charity follow link: http://www.remembermybaby.org.uk/

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